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Can't I just buy oils at Walmart or on Amazon?

Short answer: no. Longer answer: Essential oils are not regulated, therefore companies can put any filler or additive into what they call an “essential oil”. Most of what you will find at the grocery store is either another ingredient altogether or has toxic fillers in it.

When you are using essential oils on your body for any reason related to health or skincare, it is very dangerous to use these types of oils and can actually bring more harm. You can have reactions to these types of oils and they can make conditions worse. Young Living has rigorous testing and standards for their oils. There is no other company I fee 1000% percent comfortable using on myself and my family. No fillers are ever added to Young Living’s oils and no toxins are present. In fact, they don’t even use pesticides or herbicides on their crops or soil so that toxins won't be present. Anything that comes from a farm outside of Young Living’s farms must meet these strict standards as well. You can visit the Young Living farms anytime you want and see their methods of growth and testing. That’s how open they are about their purity.

You can see YL’s seed to seal promise on their website. “Seed to Seal” is not a slogan, it’s who Young Living is! 

Why are oils so expensive?

Young Living has high standards, meaning the quality of the oils are top notch. One 15 mL bottle of Lavender has approximately 250-300 drops of oil in it. This bottle costs $23.50. So each drop of Lavender costs between .07 - .09 cents. Once you start using oils, you will see how far one drop goes! You don’t need much because these oils are very concentrated and potent. A bottle of Lemon is $11.25 so each drop is between .0014 and .0017 cents. So if you do the math on each bottle, you’ll see that a few cents is hardly anything compared to how much we can end up spending on some over the counter medicines, skin care products, cleaning agents etc. Plus if I look at how much I have SAVED using essential oils, it’s pretty amazing. These oils will last longer than you think!

Do I have to order monthly?

Nope! You don't have to order monthly! Our hope is that you will find our resources and education inspire you in a way that you love using your essential oils and ordering them through Essential Rewards (ER) is the best way, but definitely not a requirement!

Do I have to sell?

No, sharing about essential oils and oil infused products is not a requirement to get the benefits of a wholesale membership. You don't have to meet quotas, sell a certain amount or even share if you don't want to. The option and opportunity is always there though!

Is there a return policy?

Yes, you can read the return policy in detail here. We want you to be happy with your purchase!

I have no idea how use essential oils. What do I do?

You are not alone! We all start as beginners! That's why we're here and why it's so important to know about the community you are joining. Once you purchase a kit, you will receive welcome info, access to our exclusive Facebook groups and a consultation where we'll chat one on one about your needs and recommendations.